Make It Rain!

Can you make it rain indoors? Learn about the water cycle with this simple experiment! Vocabulary Condensation– (noun) a chemical reaction involving union between molecules often with elimination of a simple […]

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Balloon-powered Hovercraft

Repurpose those old CDs and water bottle caps into a working hovercraft! Vocabulary Friction–(noun) the rubbing of one thing against another Hovercraft– (noun) a vehicle supported above the surface of land or […]

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Solar Printing

Summertime is here and the sun is shining! Did you know you can create art using the powerful rays of the sun? Try making your own sun print at home […]

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Fizzing Fireworks

Looking for a fun activity for the budding scientists in your family this Independence Day? Explore chemical reactions with some outdoor fun in this science + art activity! Vocabulary Solid– […]

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