Meet the Team

Who are we?


We are playful and passionate experimenters.
We think big, embrace risk, and evolve our ideas in order to lead.
We are collaborative with each other and our whole community.
We foster diversity, curiosity, and creativity to make our experience unique

Senior Leadership Team

Steve Hinkley

President & CEO

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Suzanna Best

VP of Marketing & Communications

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Grant Martin

Chief Development Officer

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Karen Musacchio

Chief Business Officer

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Lacey Criss

Public Engagement Manager

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Tim Sears

Director of Operations

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Courtney Livingstone

Accounting Manager

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Jason Moeller

Homeschool Instructor

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Darrell Lane

Senior Manager of Service & Sales

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Kat Cloud

Sr. Manager, Major Gifts

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Matt Stapleton

Exhibit Technician

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Drew Gilmore

Acting Planetarium Manager

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Robyn Sellers

Learning & Outreach Manager

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Jeff Cody

Facilities Manager

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Kelly mayes

Board Chair

The Bulleit Group

Steve Hinkley

President and CEO

Adventure Science Center

Allen Oakley


Community Volunteer

Jonathan M. Skeeters


Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP

not pictured

Melissa Anderson, AllianceBernstein
Adrienne Battle, EdD* Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
Steve Brophy, Dollar General Corp.
Josh Dailey, Ingram Content Group
Manuel Delgado, Delgado Guitars
John T. Gawaluck, Ernst & Young (Emeritus)
Sharon Gentry, PhD* , HCA, Metro Parks Board Representative
Shawn Glinter, Nanoferix, Inc.
Lisa Helton, Sherrard Roe Voigt Harbison
A. Alex Jahangir, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Matt Kisber, Silicon Ranch Corporation
Paul Kleine-Kracht, North Highland Consulting
Jennifer J. Lacey, Farris Mathews Bobango, PLC
Cheryl D. Mayes, My Toolbox Consulting
David C. McGowan, Jr., Regent Development LLC
Rankin McGugin, Vanderbilt University
Randall W. Noel, J.P. Morgan
Ben Rooke, Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC
Divya Shroff, MD, FHM, TriStar Centennial Medical Center
Avi Spielman, Joon Properties/Joon Management
Butch Spyridon, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp.
Marc K. Stengel, Historix



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