Tinker Trays

What is a tinker? The short answer is YOU! A tinker is someone who makes things and finds solutions to everyday problems. This simple DIY activity will help you create […]

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Handheld Constellations

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and saw shapes in the stars? You’re not alone! Since the beginning, humans have used these shapes, called constellations, to schedule […]

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Build a Spacesuit

Have you ever wondered why spacesuits are so bulky? It’s clear that spacesuits aren’t a fashion statement, but they’re a vital “accessory” to an astronaut’s survival in space. Learn more […]

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BLAST OFF with Sudekum Planetarium and Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory

Have you ever wondered what makes our Sudekum Planetarium so special? Or how astronomers study our night sky at Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory? We're launching you behind the scenes of two […]

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Crater Creation

August is for the astronauts. This month, we’re exploring everything SPACE and what better way to start than with a trip to our only natural satellite, the Moon! The Moon’s […]

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