Rockets Red Glare

3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF! “By the rockets’ red glare…” is a famous verse and favorite of ours from our National Anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” What better way to celebrate this awesome […]

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Apple Analysis

Fall is finally here! Let’s celebrate the changing of the season with an experiment involving one of the best parts of autumn: apples! Whether you’ve picked them yourself, picked them […]

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Candy Cane Caper

Appropriate for: Pre-K to Kindergarten The winter season is here, bringing all the lights and cheer! Snowmen and reindeer are all around, and a winter caper has been found. It’s minty […]

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Popcorn on the Cob

Appropriate for: Pre-K to 2nd GradeScience is everywhere, including your kitchen! My favorite snack is popcorn - no matter if you're watching a movie or just hanging out with your friends, […]

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Bubbling Cauldron

Double, double toil and trouble… it’s time to make a cauldron bubble! Explore chemistry with your little witch or wizard as you create your own spooky science experiment. Materials Cauldron […]

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