Everybody Solar

Everybody Solar

Adventure Science Center is working with Everybody Solar to install an array of solar panels on the west roof of the building. Everybody Solar is a non-profit with a mission to protect the environment and strengthen communities by bringing solar energy to non-profits.

Their model is to provide solar panels and installation at no cost to other non-profits.

The planned 72,32 kW solar array will generate 102,009 kWh of electricity annually- avoiding 159,377 CO2 from entering the atmosphere. This level of savings allows the allocation of expenses to be put toward our exhibits and programs to ensure our experiences continues to evolve for guests.

Having Solar at Adventure Science Center will not only reduce our electricity expenses year after year but it will also provide an opportunity for education and engagement. We will be developing an exhibit and guest curriculum alongside the solar panel installation. This will introduce solar technology in a close-up view for guests and encourage the adoption of renewable energies/solar in their lives.

If you are interested in supporting this project through a donation, please follow this link to donate through Everybody Solar's campaign page.

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