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Physics: The Foundations of Science

Physics: The Foundations of Science

Physics is the study of the fundamental attributes of the universe; it is also a ton of fun!

Crash some cars as you explore the ideas of mass, energy, force, and momentum. Generate electricity and put it to work, then experience the power of moving air. Discover how these forces come together to create natural disasters like tornadoes and tsunamis.

The Test Zone

Mix and match car components, then give them a try on one of three different test tracks.

How does each handle a drag race, head-on collision, or some rough terrain? How do the ideas of energy and momentum help us predict the outcome before the test even happens?

3, 2, 1, Blast Off!

Use two totally different parts of physics to launch objects high into the sky! Discover how a little electricity can overcome the gravity of the Earth to send a metal ring flying. Then, crank up the air pressure to blast a bottle in the sky.

Electricity: Tiny Electrons, Huge Power

Electricity is the foundation of our modern world, but it’s also fun to experiment with! Build your very own circuit to power up lights, spin fans, and make noise; then turn the crank to generate some power and see it all in action. Find out how a little bit of static electricity can beat out the gravitational pull of a whole planet.

Amazing Forces, Scary Results

The same power that can launch a bottle or float a ball can also produce a tornado. Check out our tornado-producing machine, then try your hand at launching a tsunami. These are the most powerful forces of nature—we’ve got to understand what’s going on if we’re going to keep up!

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