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Adventure Science Center's mission is to open every mind to the wonders of science and technology, fostering a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Our camp programs are an exemplary example of our mission in action! Adventure Science Center camps provide a safe, fun, memorable, and educational experience where campers actively discover and examine STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts themselves. We inspire a life-long passion for learning and foster an environment for creative problem solving, teamwork, curiosity, and critical thinking through hands-on activities, exciting experiments, and scientific explorations! 

Throughout the year, we offer day-long and week-long camps. Overnight camps are not available at this time. Read more and register below for our upcoming sessions of Camp at Adventure Science Center!

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Presidents Day Camp

February 20, 2023 | Mythbusters - Tinkering & Making

Have you ever wondered what happens when you combine pop rocks & soda?  Is it humanly possible to have superhero strength? Can you pull a tablecloth off a set table - without anything falling down? At Presidents Day Camp, campers will use the scientific method to discover if our thrilling experiments are really a myth or the truth. 



Mystical Creature Features

Our camp professors will lead their group of mythical creatures through classes, lessons, and experiments that explore the real-life science that inspired Harry Potter’s magical world. With the help of their wands, campers will investigate some of the most unique features of magical creatures, conquer potions, utilize forces, and compete in the Triwizard Tournament! All aboard the Hogwarts Express!



What’s new for Summer Camps in 2023?

This summer we are introducing STEM Specialty Camps! We will be offering a variety of specialty camps that will cater to specific skills & interests. These unique camps will allow campers more opportunities to focus on their main interests.

*Specialty Camps Themes this summer: 

  • Design, Build, Test, and LEGO® (Grade: 2nd-5th)
  • Tinkering, Making, and Inventing (Grade: 3rd-6th)
  • Science + Fashion (Grade: 4th-7th)
  • Robotics and Electronics (Grade 4th-7th)

Adventure Science Center is committed to providing a safe and fun environment for your camper, so available data will be closely monitored and COVID-19 guidelines enforced accordingly. Click here to jump to full details.  

Please email if you have any questions or need help with registration. 


Thank you to Publix Super Markets Charities for their generous support of summer camp programs!

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