Adventure Gallery Opening Day

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OPENING October 6, 2022

This brand-new, permanent exhibit will include eight unique climbing elements making up a dynamic and accessible challenge for most ages called the Kinetic Climber.   

Inside the 1,300-square-foot gallery, guests will learn about the creative engineering that enables extraordinary feats like climbing the highest mountains and exploring the deepest oceans, as well as awesome activities from airplanes and roller coasters to skydiving and rock climbing. 

The Kinetic Climber, installed by renowned climbing wall manufacturer, Eldorado Climbing,  will allow for 12 climbers of all ages and a wide range of abilities to enjoy 15 minutes' worth of exciting challenges from rotating pegs and swaying poles to a tipping ladder with missing steps—all while learning about the principles of anatomy, physics, and engineering. Climbers will ascend up to 26 feet in front of a large bay of floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy the science center's epic view of downtown Nashville.

A local artist was commissioned to paint a topography-inspired mural that will be unveiled when Adventure Gallery opens to the public in mid-October. Along this wall will be six new hands-on stations at which guests can explore the deep connections between engineering and adventuring. 

For instance, across the way at the Kinetic Climber, a state-of-the-art magnetic belay system will be used to enable guests to safely climb whether they are an expert or a novice. 

Adventure Gallery and the Kinetic Climber signify the next round of permanent improvements to Adventure Science Center as part of the larger Beyond 75 initiative to create an unparalleled science center for Middle Tennessee and beyond.

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