Astronomy Day

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Join us for Astronomy Day Saturday, April 29 to learn about our solar system and explore the world of astronomy alongside industry professionals and community partners.

Adventure Science Center facilitated Activities

Earth Moon Comparison - Visitors will play a card game to determine the similarity and differences between life on Earth and our closest neighbor, the Moon.

Moon Matching (Destination Exploration) - This Early Explorer activity allows our youngest visitors to explore the phases of the Moon and match the shapes of the moon cards with corresponding phases on the moon map.

Nebula Spin Art - Visitors will make a piece of spin art while learning about how astronomers study space by observing the colors created by different wavelengths of light.

Live Science

Space Explorer Show (11:45 am, 1:45 pm, 4:45 pm)
#GRWM astronaut-style! This Live Science show is about what happens before, during, and after astronauts go to space. What do they pack to take with them? What kind of food do they bring? Why are spacesuits important for survival? Learn about the science of space as we journey through an astronaut expedition.

Shows in the Sudekum Planetarium (additional cost)

10:15 am - To Worlds Beyond: Journey Through the Solar System
11:15 am - Nightwatch
12:45 pm - Eclipse: The Sun Revealed
2:15 pm - Nightwatch
3:45 pm - To Worlds Beyond: Journey Through the Solar System
5:15 pm - Nightwatch

Community Partner Activities

Chuck Schlemm (1st floor Space Chase) - Explore display models of rockets, satellites, and other astronomy-focused equipment. Chuck is an astronomy expert who is a member of BSAS and a NASA Ambassador.

Dr. Spencer Buckner (outside the science center) - Dr. Spencer is a professor at Austin Peay State University in the Department of Physics. He and his students will be demonstrating how to use solar scopes to safely view the sun outside.

Olivia Greene & the Department of Astronomy and Physics at Vanderbilt University - Learn about current research on astronomy and physics from a team of students and professionals.

Fisk University - Learn how to design and launch a stomp rocket.

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