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Way Late Play Date: Weird Science

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Friday, August 25 | 7:00 t0 10:00 pm | 21+


Plastic-Eating Fungi and Electric Pickles and High Voltage Fun! Our next Way Late Play Date is coming Friday, August 25.

Way Late Play Date: Weird Science is your chance to explore weird, wacky, and wonderful science and get answers to all your burning science questions. Guests will enjoy expert-guided experiments and collaborations and by the end of the night, they will know some jaw-dropping scientific factoids. Plus, unlike your 8th-grade science class, there are no stupid questions here.

Timed Activities:

Pop Goes the Laser - Sudekum Planetarium
8:00, 8:45, 9:30 pm

  • What's our most forbidden item in the Planetarium? Helium balloons! Imagine one of those things getting loose in our 63 ft diameter dome! But, during this Way Late Play Date, witness our one exception to this rule. We will take our revenge on balloons by popping them with laser beams from our state-of-the-art laser show system. Then, we'll celebrate victory with fan-favorite "pop" music, showing off the incredible optical effects we can make with lasers.

Live Science Show - Eureka Theater
7:30, 9:10, 9:45 pm

  • Join us as we make a pickle glow with electricity, illuminate the room using a Tesla coil, and illustrate a variety of other weird twists of science. This Live Science show will challenge and excite the curiosity in all of you.

Generate Some Buzz - Eureka Theater
8:00 pm

  • Join Dr. Monika Pretz, Staff Biologist & Pollinator Program Leader at TN Environmental Council to learn about the weird and fascinating world of pollinators.

Breezy vs The Bachelor- Eureka Theater
8:45 pm

  • Chief Meteorologist Danielle Breezy will take you on a journey through the harrowing night of March 2-3, 2020, and give insight into wacky weather and "final rose" disruptive tornados

Open Activities:
  • Invisibility - Is an invisibility cloak really possible? Come see the lenses that make things disappear.
  • Olfactory Challenge - Did someone ever tell you to plug your nose to down your broccoli? They may have been on to something...Come take our olfactory challenge to discover how your nose knows what you taste.
  • Magnetism - Join us in the i2 Makerspace to uncover the power of magnetism.
  • Electricity - Want to make the hair on your head stand up? Stop by our Van de Graaff and watch as electricity moves through your body.

Other activities will explore implosion, angular momentum, sound waves, composting conditions, space photography, and more.

Activity Partners:

TN Environmental Council

Compost Nashville

Food & Beverage Providers:

Bar: Rosemary & Beauty Queen

Food: The Secret Bodega, Retro Sno


MinuteMan Press

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