DIY Easter Crafts

From hot pink peeps to potato stamps to bird feeders, we have some fun Easter-related science projects to keep you busy for a whole afternoon! Click on a photo to […]

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Backyard Bug Hotel

There are hundreds of types of bugs to discover right in your own backyard or neighborhood park! From lightning bugs to spiders, caterpillars to butterflies, you can create your own […]

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Liquid Nitrogen!

Nitrogen is in a liquid state when at a very low temperature. Liquid nitrogen boils at −196 °C / −321 °F. It is easily transported and has many useful applications including […]

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Kitchen Pandemic, Ep. 2

Scientists use the pH scale to measure how acidic or basic something is. This scale ranks things from 0 to 14. 0 to 7 are acids, with 0 being the […]

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