This week in Homeschool…

Get a sneak peek of one of our experiments in homeschool this week! We're talking about the elements - watch to see how Lithium metal and Sodium metal react in […]

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Design a Board Game

During this period of social distancing and quarantine, board games are a great way to engage with your family or virtually with your friends! Your challenge is to design a […]

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Design a Self-Propelling Car

Automobile manufacturers across the world are working to design and build cars that are energy-efficient and emit less pollution into the air, while still allowing the driver to go long […]

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10 Minute Ice Cream

Learn about the science behind ice cream while making this delicious summer treat!

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Design a Marble Roller Coaster

Your challenge is to design a roller coaster for a marble with several chutes, turns, and a high elevation (height). The key is to ensure that the passengers (marble) makes […]

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