An All-New Outdoor Experience

Coming Fall 2022

Adventure Science Center is proud to have deep roots in Music City and we are excited to announce that, in Fall 2022, we will complete planting the remaining trees for our 75th Anniversary Arboretum.

By carefully adding native species of trees in coordination with Metro Parks and Metro Histocial Zoning Commission and also under the guidance and supervision of Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research (TVAR), we will have thirty different species, thereby making us eligible for designation as a Level 1 arboretum by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.

This new arboretum will teach about the importance of trees and also introduce visitors to the story of the historic African-American Bass Street Community that once resided partially on our site. 

Did you know that trees provide homes for animals, keep us cool and clean our air? Click here to learn more about the benefits that trees provide to us and our world. Read More >

This site has a rich human history, including the story of the Bass Street Community, one of the first Free Black neighborhoods in Nashville. Click here to learn more about St. Cloud Hill and its many inhabitants over the years. Read More >


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