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Golden Raintree

Golden Raintree 1

Golden Raintree

Koelreuteria paniculata

Family: Sapindaceae

Leaf Type: Deciduous

Mature Height: ~9-12 m (~30-40 ft)

Fall Color: Pale yellow

Native Range: Golden raintrees are nonnative to the United States. They are natively found in eastern Asia in China and Korea.



The leaves of golden raintrees are compound, with seven to fifteen leaflets. The entire leaf is about 12 inches long. The leaflets are coarsely toothed and sometimes look divided because the teeth make deep lobes, or indentions. The bright yellow flowers are gathered together in long groupings called panicles. The panicles are typically between eight and 16 inches long. Golden raintrees are considered ornamental and flowering trees. The fruit of the golden raintree is a three-part puffy pod that contains dark seeds. The outside of the pod ripens from green to orange to pink. The pods are often called “paper lanterns”. We recommend not sampling the fruits & nuts of the trees and plants here at Adventure Science Center.


Fun Facts

● Golden raintrees are commonly planted as ornamental trees in landscaping, which is why they were brought to the U.S. from their native ranges across Asia.
● The yellow flowers on this tree make it unusual among flowering trees and also inspire the common name.

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