Miyabe Maple

Miyabe Maple

Acer miyabei


Family: Sapindaceae

Leaf Type: Deciduous

Mature Height: 9-18 m (30-60 ft)

Fall Color: Pale to golden yellow

Native Range: Miyabe maples are found along river banks in their native range of northern Japan (Hokkaido Island).


Like other maples, the primary method of spreading seeds is through a samara, or winged encasing, which is also the fruit of the tree. Miyabe maples have a double-winged, green, paper-like samara. The bark of a Miyabe maple starts as gray-brown to red-brown in color with a corky texture. As the tree matures, the bark becomes fissured and scaly with a fluted trunk. When the Miyabe maple flowers in spring, the yellow-green flowers are small and clustered. We recommend not sampling the fruits & nuts of the trees and plants here at Adventure Science Center.

Fun Facts

● Japaness botanist Kingo Miyabe (1860-1951) discovered this tree at a stop during a train ride.
● In its native range, the Miyabe Maple is an endangered species found close to streams and rivers.

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