Mockernut Hickory

Mockernut Hickory

Mockernut Hickory

Carya tomentosa

Family: Juglandaceae

Leaf Type: Deciduous

Mature Height: 15-21 m (50-70 ft)

Fall Color: Yellow

Native Range: Mockernut hickories are found throughout much of the Midwest and Southeast as well as parts of the Northeast.

Mockernut Hickory


The leaves of mockernut hickories are compound with 7-9 leaflets. The entire leaf is around 13 inches long. The leaflets are each around 6 inches long and are rounder at the end than pignut or shagbark hickories. The leaves have a paler underleaf covered in botanical filaments, giving it a hairy appearance. The leafstalk also possesses these filaments. The fruit of all trees in the walnut family consist of nutritious nuts inside a hard outer husk or casing. Inside, the small nut is encased in a thick shell. The seed is one of the heaviest of all hickories. We recommend not sampling the fruits & nuts of the trees and plants here at Adventure Science Center.


Fun Facts

● Even though the fruit looks very large, the edible nut inside is actually quite small, hence the name mockernut.
● The wood is commonly used to smoke meats, especially hams.

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