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American Beech

American Beech1

American Beech

Fagus grandifolia

Family: Fagaceae

Leaf Type: Deciduous

Mature Height: ~20 m (~65 ft)

Fall Color: Golden yellow

Native Range: American beeches are native to most of the eastern U.S. They are common in upland areas.



The leaves of American beech are serrated, having lots of jagged edges, with bristles on tips. They are a golden yellow color in the fall and can even keep some of their leaves through the winter. The fruit is a nut that is enclosed in a soft-spined husk, or outer covering. The nuts are a food source for wildlife. We recommend not sampling the fruits & nuts of the trees and plants here at Adventure Science Center.


Fun Facts

● Beech wood can be used to make bentwood furniture because it bends easily when steamed but it not as commonly used in America.
● The latin grandifolia in the scientific name means “large leaf.”
● Unfortunately, American beeches are often affected by diseases. The most common of these is beech bark disease which can extirpate, root out or destroy completely, an entire grove of beech trees.

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