Design a Lifejacket


Design a Lifejacket

By Adventure Science Center

It’s Maker Monday!


When building ships and submarines, engineers need to know the density of materials to make sure their structures float. Today, your challenge is to design a life-jacket to allow a common household object to float.

Step 1: Test six household objects to determine which types of objects sink and float. Complete the Float or Sink Exploration document. What do you notice about the objects that sank? What do you notice about the objects that floated?

Step 2: Select one of the objects that sank.

Step 3: Design a “life jacket” for the object that sank and see if you can keep it afloat.  Use the Engineering Design Process Guide to map out your ideas and test and improve your idea.

Step 4: Ask your parent or teacher to share a picture or video of your life jacket design on social media using #MakerMondayTN and #LearningInPlaceTN!

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