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Adventure Science Center 75th Anniversary Arboretum


Adventure Science Center 75th Anniversary Arboretum

By Adventure Science Center


Adventure Science Center is proud to have deep roots in Music City and we are excited to announce that we will be planting trees for our 75th Anniversary Arboretum project. By carefully adding new native species of trees to our site under the guidance and supervision of Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research (TVAR), we will have thirty different species, thereby making us eligible for designation as a Level 1 arboretum by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council. This new arboretum will teach about the importance of trees and also introduce visitors to the story of the historic African-American Bass Street Community that once resided partially on our site. 

The science center plans to host an official unveiling in the fall of 2022. In the meantime, guests are invited to enjoy the trees and learn about their unique features and environmental benefits via educational content that is freely accessible by scanning the QR codes listed on the accompanying tree tags.

In an effort to protect the unique archeological significance of our site, we coordinated heavily with Metro Parks, Metro Historical Zoning Commission, and TVAR to ensure the planting of new trees was done appropriately and with regard to the preservation of Fort Negley.

We are thankful to Cumberland River Compact and Root Nashville for providing and planting the new trees; their vision to “build a tree canopy for Nashville that creates more equitable, healthy, climate-resilient neighborhoods” is a worthy mission that we are thrilled to support.

Adventure Science Center is excited to join the list of arboretums throughout the state of Tennessee, including that of our friend and supporter Senator Bill Frist, and to expand our mission beyond our four walls. We are grateful to our donors, our sponsors, our members, and coalition members including Tennessee State University staff, Metro ParksMetro Historical Zoning Commission, the office of Mayor John CooperThe Nature Conservancy, Tennessee Urban Forestry Council, Daigh Rick Landscape Architects, and our visitors for making this project possible. 




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