Start a Smile Challenge


Start a Smile Challenge

By Adventure Science Center

During this time of school closures and social distancing, it can be a challenge to feel connected to your friends, families, and communities. Your challenge is to invent a way to help someone feel appreciated. The person must be separated from you physically or at a distance of 20 feet to prevent spread of Covid-19.

Step 1: Watch the Challenge Launch video.

Step 2:  Collect items around your house to help with the design. Use the Engineering Design Process Guide to help you map out your design and then prototype, test and improve your solution.

Step 3: Write a short (150 words or less) essay describing your solution and how it will make someone smile while maintaining distance.

Step 4: Upload a photo of your design and your short essay to the Start a Smile contest page. Learn more and submit a photo and short essay of your solution to the challenge site below.

Step 5: Ask your parents to share your design and essay on social media using #MakerMondayTN and #LearningInPlaceTN!

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