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The Stories that Drive Car Culture


The Stories that Drive Car Culture

By Adventure Science Center

Car Culture Car Show

So much of the fuel that powers the success of Car Culture is the stories and pictures submitted by YOU! We knew we wanted to bring in an interactive element to this brand-new experience and we're excited to share the funny, moving, and inspiring stories behind the pictures you see in the South Gallery.

Carl W. - Trunk or Treat + Chrome Cruise

Trunk or Treat

"Trunk or treat. Halloween candy handouts for local kids. The picture was taken at the Villages, Fl. Of course, the little red corvette has no trunk didn't bother the kids." - Carl W.

Chrome Cruise

"Every spring, the Chrome Shop in Wildwood, FL has a cruise in for big trucks. All the Chrome you can stand. Awesome machines on I-75 at exit 329." - Carl W. 

Mellissa M. - The Perfect Shade of Blue

A Tribute to Mom

"My mother passed away suddenly in the fall of 2019. After struggling through the holidays, we then endured a tornado and the beginning of the pandemic. As if it couldn’t get any worse, my car was stolen from my driveway last June. Mom had unexpectedly left me a small parting gift, which I had tucked away for an emergency. I used that money to help purchase a new car. I had to order it three weeks in advance because no other color than her favorite blue would do. I think she would be pleased." - Mellissa McKinley

Sara S. & Her Son Erik - A Life-long Passion

Behind the Wheel of a Dream Car
Corvette Fan

"My son Erik is a person with autism and intellectual disabilities…and his passion is corvettes! We have toured the Corvette factory and museum at least 40 times over the past 28 years. Thanks for teaming up with them! Erik will love seeing this exhibit!!!" - Sara S. 

Clayton T. - Tail of the Dragon

Tail of the Dragon
Tail of the Dragon

Clayton's 2020 C8 3LT Corvette takes on the Tail of the Dragon in East Tennessee in May 2021. 

William L. - Make it Your Own

Custom Ride

William's 1995 240sx red top Sr20det engine swapped with an S15 front-end conversion and airlift suspension on heritage wheels photographed at Slammedenuff in Gatlinburg, September 2020.

Courtney L. - Custom Pinklady 

Cars and Coffee

Courtney L. takes her custom-painted 2010 Camaro with Infinitewerks RS wheels for a spin at Camarofest in Bowling Green, KY and to Cars and Coffee in Nashville. 

Tommy F. - Back to the Tail of the Dragon

Brand-New View
From the Rearview

"Taking my first Corvette (a 2021 z51, 3lt, mag ride, front lift) to the tail of the dragon. The most fun I have had on the road. 311 turns in 11 miles." - Tommy F. 

Gayle H. - Two Classics


Gayle H. takes her Mustang for a cruise to antique on a beautiful summer day.

Holly & David M. - An Icelandic Adventure

Aurora Night
VW Journey
Look Up

"In Sept 2017, we rented a camper van and drove the Ring Road, a circular path around the entire island country of Iceland." - Holly M. 

Chris T. & Nora M. - A Trusty Copilot

Best Friends are for Travel

Chris and Nora take their furry children on epic, cross-country journeys in their self-made travel van. Follow their story on Instagram. 


Submissions are still being considered, so click here to send in your images, and don't forget to tell us the story behind them! 




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