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Sensory Play With Slime


Sensory Play With Slime

By Adventure Science Center

October is here, the leaves are starting to turn and it’s beginning feel more like fall every day! Use this fun activity to learn a little bit of science with a whole lot of fun with your little scientist!

What is Slime?

The mixture of Elmer’s Glue with Borax and water produces a putty-like material called a polymer. In simplest terms, a polymer is a long chain of molecules. If the long molecules slide past each other easily, then the substance acts like a liquid because the molecules flow. If the molecules stick together at a few places along the strand, then the substance behaves like a rubbery solid called an elastomer (via Steve Spangler Science).


  • Clear glue (Elmers and store brand both work well!)
  • Liquid Starch
  • Water
  • Food coloring (red and yellow to make orange)
  • Measuring Cup
  • 2 bowls and a spoon
  • plastic leaves (table scatter) & confetti – optional


  1. In one bowl, mix 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup glue, combining completely.
  2. Add in your food coloring and confetti.
  3. In another bowl, measure our 1/2 cup of liquid start.
  4. Slowly combine the glue/water mixture into the starch when a spoon. Be sure to get all the glue out of the bowl!
  5. Switch to mixing with hands for a few minutes until you feel it come together.

Now’s the fun part! Play with your new fall slime. Stretch it out in front of a window and observe how you can see through it. Ball it up and drop it on a table to see what happens. Enjoy your new, fun sensory play toy created with the help of science!

To store, place in a clean, dry container (i.e., zipper-lock bag).




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