April Theme: Green Month


April Theme: Green Month

By Adventure Science Center

As we prepare for a bright, green spring season, we're celebrating Green Month at Adventure Science Center.

All month long, we're highlighting renewable energy, environmental impact, and green plants that contribute to a more sustainable planet.

Plus, we're conducting special programming for the solar eclipse on Monday, April 8 and celebrating Green Week with community partners April 21-27.

Check out a few of the activities we're facilitating this month and explore the science behind it all.

Themed programming will take place:

Green Week Activities

  • Monday, April 22 - Earth Day (All Day)
    • HCA Healthcare Day of Service at the science center
      • Seed starters
      • Chromatography Earths
      • Re”leaf” art
      • Lima bean growing activity in the i2 Makerspace 
      • “Stained glass” Earth art in the i2 Makerspace
    • Learn how to create a motor with Nissan

Activities in the i2 Makerspace

  • April 6-7: Extendo Grabbers
  • April 8: Pinhole viewers for the total solar eclipse
  • April 13-14: DIY Notebook
  • April 20-21: Lima Bean Bag Experiment
  • April 27-28: Clay Seed Bombs

Early Explorer Storytime Books and Activities

  • April 1: I Am Earth
    • Early Explorers will use blue and green tissue paper to make "stained glass" earth crafts. Explorers can hang their “stained glass” in their windows at home to see the beautiful colors of the earth illuminated by the sun.
  • April 8: All the Way to the Ocean
    • Early Explorers will make tie-dye sea turtles out of coffee filters and colored water. They will also examine real sea turtle shells from our natural history collection.
  • April 15: Water Can Be...
    • Early Explorers will use droppers to place colored water onto salt. Guests will observe the changes that occur while making a colorful piece of art.
  • April 22: Earth Day, Birthday!
    • We're celebrating Earth Day! Early Explorers will make Earth Day party hats and earth windsocks to fly at home.
  • April 29: OCEAN! Waves for All
    • Early Explorers will each make an ocean in a bottle craft. Guests can choose which sea creatures and accessories to put in their ocean.

Time: Every Monday at 9:30 am
Location: Eureka Theatre on the second floor
Ages: Pre-K (Kids Under Five)
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Floor Cart Activities and Demonstrations

Water Testing Activity 

Visitors will conduct the same kinds of tests freshwater ecologists use to observe the water quality of different samples. Guests will test for pH level and salinity and observe samples under a microscope.

Seed Starters 

Visitors will learn about what a seed needs to grow into a plant. Guests will plant seeds in soil, spray water on their seeds, and bring their seed starter home to place in the sun to grow!

Sustainable Painting 

Visitors will learn about the nature of dyes by using common household items (spices, vegetable powders, and teas) to paint a colorful piece of art. All “paint” will be environmentally friendly.

Chromatography Earth Craft 

Visitors will design and create their own earth art using chromatography. Then they will drip water onto each color to spread it across the coffee filter. Guests can watch their art come to life through the separation of each element and witness the laboratory process of chromatography at work.

Adventure Science Center is open:

Monday, Thursday, Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Join us this month for science fun for all ages!

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